Step 2: Houston SynchroStars New Season Registration

You are receiving this email because you have registered as a swimmer for the 2020-2021 season with the Houston SynchroStars Club. We are excited to begin the season and hope to be back in the water soon!

Registration this year is in 2 steps.

Step 1: Local Club Registration with Houston SynchroStars. You have completed that.

Step 2: National Registration with USA Artistic Swimming. Complete by September 2, 2020. To make sure you are a National member before our first practice.

Instructions on how to register your athlete for USA Artistic Swimming:

  1. Go to www.teamusa.org and then select Menu (the 3 lines on the upper left of the home page.
  2. Select Sports / Select Artistic Swimming / Select Menu / Select Membership / Select Registration instructions
  3. Select Create an Account. A Page will open. Select HERE, then complete information. A confirmation email will be sent to the email you entered. Confirm information.
  4. Go Back to Registration Instruction Page / Select Membership Purchase and complete information.

    1. Type in athlete information and all other information such as address and emergency contact information.
    2. On the next page which is Membership selection, select Competitive Athlete ($104)*
    3. Select Houston SynchroStars as your club
    4. Complete all other information / Agree to National Waivers & Consents
    5. After reviewing all information, proceed to Continue to Shopping Cart (Check Out)
    6. Enter your credit card information
    7. Pay

*This is not a new charge. In past years Houston SynchroStars paid this fee on your behalf and then charged it to each swimmer. This year, USA Artistic Swimming requires each athlete to have their own account and to complete their own registration directly with them.


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